Windsurfing is the most popular sport in Naxos. The convenient summer winds of the Aegean Sea, make it a most rewarding sporting experience. Amitis and Alyko beach provide for very good wave, while the best beaches for slalom and wind are St. George, St. Prokopios, St. Anna, Vigla and Pyrgaki.

St. George, St. Prokopios (one of the best beaches in Europe, has been in the top 5 in two successive years) and St. Anna are the most vibrant beaches, offering entertainment through the day, where beach volley, canoe and water ski are the “best-sellers”.

Naxos includes a variety of marked routes for biking, trekking and rock climbing Excursions by car, bus or motorcycle to the villages in the heart of the island or at remote beaches to the east and south are pleasant surprises with spectacular views, cool air and friendly nature surrounding winding roads, the unique to the Cyclades traditional Naxian architecture and, of course, gourmet experiences.

Handsome tame horses await our equestrian friends to cross the sandy beaches and trot in the prairies with a view of the sea, gently caressed by the light breeze and the warm sun.